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With our expert team, you can expect to:

Bill accurately every time

Reduce time between retrieving reimbursements

Eliminate incorrect claims processing due to errors

Recover previously denied claims

Increase revenue and time efficiency

Reduce stress vibes and headache by increasing work moral and productivity

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About NYCS

NY Consultations and Solutions is located in New York, New York, and trust us, we get the struggle. Founded by a group of physical therapists, for physical therapists, we truly understand the difficulties of handling in-house billing, so much so that we resulted to doing something about it.

Over 5 years ago, NYCS started lending a helping hand to fellow physical therapists and physicians. Striving to optimize and utilize the latest software tailored to individual clinics, we happily maneuver through the obstructive claims process and deliver results geared toward increasing your revenue from claims, enhancing productivity, and eliminating headaches.

Physician Medical Billing

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Here’s what our happy customers have to say about our services:

“Relieving the headache is right. NYCS immediately takes care of my billing claims and even helped me get money back on claims that were previously denied. I am so grateful for their excellent skills!”.

S. Ruso, DPT

“NYCS really understands the obstacles behind billing, and swiftly overcomes them. Their work allows me to focus more on what I want to do, treat my patients.”

P. Auken, DPT